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My Favorite Husband


TUESDAYS! 11PM Eastern/8PM Pacific

Lucille Ball

On July 23, 1948, My Favorite Husband began on CBS Radio with Lucille Ball and Richard Denning playing George and Liz Cooper-a middle class, cheerful couple who live together and like it! It ran for 124 episodes and concluded on March 31, 1951.


Initially, they were named Liz and George Cugat. After at least 20 early episodes, confusion with bandleader Xavier Cugat prompted a name change.    


Written by future I Love Lucy producers and writers Jess Oppenheimer, Madelyn Pugh and Bob Carroll, Jr, the formula of the straightlaced husband with the wacky wife soon took hold.

Listen below for this week 's My Favorite Husband Radio Podcast !

Hosted by 

Jim Romanovich

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